What is a Sexy Voice and How to Do It

What is a Sexy Voice and How to Do It



Voice Coach
08 May 2023 17:38

Voice attractiveness is subjective and varies from person to person. However, certain vocal qualities have been shown to be universally appealing.

Lower-pitched and dominant-sounding voices have been found to be more attractive in studies. This is true for both men and women. For instance, men are drawn to higher-pitched, breathier voices in women, especially during ovulation. Conversely, women find men with lower-pitched, slower, and more deliberate speech patterns appealing.

Another study suggests that a voice's attractiveness is linked to its resemblance to the speaker's facial features. This implies that people are more attracted to voices that match the physical appearance of the speaker.

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Techniques to Achieve a Sexy Voice

Although there isn't a universally sexy voice, certain techniques can help you create a chesty, breathy, and slow voice that may be perceived as alluring or attractive. Relax Your Throat and Take a Deep Breath Before speaking, take a few deep breaths to relax your throat muscles. This will allow your voice to come from deeper within your chest.

Your diaphragm is the muscle located below your lungs and plays a vital role in breathing and producing sound. To use your diaphragm, breathe deeply, letting your stomach expand as you inhale. Exhale using your stomach muscles, pushing the air out and allowing your voice to follow the air's flow.

To create a slower, more deliberate pace of speech, focus on enunciating each word clearly and deliberately. This will help you create a more relaxed and seductive tone.

To add a breathy quality to your voice, try speaking with slightly less air pressure by partially opening your vocal cords. This will allow more air to flow through. However, avoid overdoing it, as excessive breathiness can sound forced and unnatural.

Examples of Celebrities with Sultry Voices

Scarlett Johansson's husky, deep voice is often described as alluring and sultry. Her voice has a distinctive low tone and a raspy quality, giving it a unique and sexy sound. She can use her voice to convey various emotions, from seductive to powerful.

Matthew McConaughey's slow, drawling voice is smooth and calming. His Texan accent adds to his charm, and his low register and relaxed quality make him sound confident and assured.

Angelina Jolie's throaty, alluring voice has a distinctive low tone and a husky quality that makes it sultry and seductive. Her voice is expressive, conveying emotions ranging from passion to vulnerability. Her slight British or European accent adds to the appeal of her voice.


Developing a sexy voice is about finding confidence and comfort in your own unique vocal qualities. While certain factors like pitch, dominance, and similarity to facial features can influence voice attractiveness, ultimately, it's your self-assurance and individual style that will make your voice stand out. By practicing the techniques outlined in this article, you can enhance your natural vocal qualities and create a more alluring and captivating sound.


Yes, with practice and by focusing on techniques like relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, speaking slowly, and adding breathiness, anyone can develop a voice that is perceived as more attractive or sexy.

Although lower-pitched voices tend to be more attractive, there isn't a specific pitch that is universally considered sexy. What is perceived as sexy varies from person to person and depends on individual preferences.

While having an attractive voice can certainly be an advantage, success in relationships and dating depends on a variety of factors, such as compatibility, communication, and shared values.

While you can train your voice to adopt certain qualities, it's essential to remember that your natural voice is a part of your unique identity. Embrace your vocal characteristics and focus on enhancing the features that make your voice distinctive.

Accents can play a role in voice attractiveness, but what is considered sexy varies greatly depending on individual preferences and cultural backgrounds. Confidence and authenticity in your speech, regardless of your accent, can make your voice more appealing.

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