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Lily М2F

This is a unique course that gives you the opportunity to make your voice more feminine without surgery. 

The purpose of the course is to reduce the space in the mouth and larynx, narrow and constrict the inside of the throat, and teach your voice to speak in a slightly altered position.

The ultimate goal of this course is to increase your quality of life by exploring the capabilities of your voice and improving your relationship with it. Being happy with your voice is absolutely crucial.

The course was tested by and is dedicated to our transgender friend, Lily.
This course is designed specifically for people who want to make a vocal transition from a male voice to a female voice. Read more...
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Training Program

M2F #01. Vampire

The first step to a higher-pitched voice. 3 minutes.

M2F #02. Bridge

We're going to build a sound bridge between two sounds - "A" [a] and "E" [i:]. The whole phrase is like this — "A-EEE-A-EEE-A-EEE-A" [a]-[i:]-[a]-[i:]--[a]-[i:]. 3 minutes.

M2F #03. Needle

This exercise is for working with maintaining the vocal range of a higher-pitched voice. 3 minutes

M2F #04. Kiki

Here you are learning to tighten your larynx and the ability to make sounds in this position.

M2F #05. Kira

This is the final exercise that trains your voice to speak long phrases with a tight larynx.

M2F - Combo #01

This is a daily set for beginners. All five exercises in one training session. 60 seconds of training, 15 second rest.

M2F - Combo #02

Medium level daily set. All five exercises in one training session. 3 minutes of training, 15 seconds rest.

M2F - Combo #03

Advanced level daily set. All five exercises in one training session. 5 minutes of training, 15 second rest.

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