The Impact of Pleasant Voices on Perception and Success

Recent research has demonstrated that individuals with pleasant voices tend to be viewed more favorably by others, which can lead to advantages in persuading others or advancing in specific fields such as politics or sales. Additionally, possessing an appealing vocal quality increases the likelihood of securing employment in roles that demand strong verbal communication skills, including positions in customer service and telemarketing.

Presidential Candidates with Lower-Pitched Voices Win Elections in Conservative Countriess
Examines the influence of candidate voice pitch and national ideology on electoral outcomes, revealing that lower-pitched voices benefit presidential candidates in conservative countries.
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The Voice of Confidence: Paralinguistic Cues and Audience Evaluation
Investigates how paralinguistic cues such as loudness, speech rate, and pitch influence audience perceptions of a speaker's confidence and personality traits.
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The Vocal Attractiveness Stereotype: Impact on Impressions of Personality
Explores the effects of vocal and physical attractiveness on perceptions of personality, discussing possible antecedents and consequences of the vocal attractiveness stereotype.
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The Sound of Confidence and Doubt: Perceptual-Acoustic Correlates in Spoken Language
Analyzes how linguistic and vocal speech cues communicate feelings of confidence and doubt, providing insight into the acoustic patterns associated with different levels of perceived confidence.
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Vocal Attractiveness in Voice-to-Voice Service Encounters
Examines the impact of call center employee vocal attractiveness on customer attributions and evaluations, offering insights into the importance of voice in customer satisfaction.
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