How does a competent voice work?

How does a competent voice work?



Voice Coach
27 Feb 2021 12:59

How does a competent voice work, or how do you sell any bullshit?

With the help of the voice, anyone can give the impression of a competent, intelligent, educated person. For this to be possible, several conditions are necessary:

To find your chest register, it is necessary to pronounce the lowest phonemes of the Russian language as low as possible. With your hand on your chest, repeat the letter G-G-G or the syllable GA-GA-GA. For a foreign language, it could be HA-HA-HA. You will feel the sound of your voice in the chest register. Now say "one, two, three, four, five." That's what a competent voice sounds like.

The secret is that your voice instantly enters the unconscious field of the interlocutor. So when your voice appears in your chest, you can say and sell anything, and your interlocutor will think you are super smart and competent. After all, this is the feeling created by the unconsciousness of the person listening to you. Simply put, you can have no mental superpowers from the word "at all", but if you have a beautiful chest voice, people around you will think that you are smart and professional.

So, once again, tune your chest voice (G-G-G or GA-GA-GA, HA-HA-HA), watch the clarity of the pronounced words and sentences, and pay attention to the intonation of the words in your speech.

The most important things in intonation are distinct pauses at punctuation marks, lowering the tone (as if in steps), and intonation of a point. We will talk about this in a separate article.

So, if you have achieved that your voice sounds competent, but the image you have is too strict or too cold, you can "lighten up" it with a slight smile. You just bare your snow-white teeth slightly and say polite and pleasant things to those around you.

That's the whole secret to a competent voice. That's all the ingredients: chest register, articulation, and intonation. Sound competent!

But remember, a competent voice is not enough to BE a smart person! For that, read books!

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