Articulation or the best exercise for diction

Articulation or the best exercise for diction



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10 Mar 2021 13:19

How to get your speech clarity in order as quickly as possible?

Articulation. Why do we need proper articulation?

When we articulate sounds beautifully and clearly, we are broadcasting the following message to our interlocutor: "I respect you. My respect for you is so great that I don't want you to waste/spend your slightest resource on recognizing my speech."

That is, articulation equals respect.

So what do you do if your articulation is sluggish? It can be "boozy," for example, because the tip of the tongue doesn't work well. Or your lips are slack, your face is hanging down, and you don't care about articulation at all...

There is a cool exercise that brings up the articulation very quickly, puts the articulatory apparatus into working order.

To do this, you need a pencil. You need to take it in your teeth, putting it under your teeth so that you can clearly pronounce the sound "R-R-R-R". If you put the pencil too deep into the mouth, it turns out that the exercise is not effective. The tongue will just wrap up and will not be able to work. Therefore, for you to have a correct barrier in your mouth, you need to put the pencil under your incisors so that you can "growl".

Next, you need to read any text, exaggerating each letter and stretching out the "R-R-R-R" sound.

For example, a poem:

You have to read some text 3-4 times until you feel tired of the articulatory apparatus and facial muscles. The main thing is to make the "R-R-R-R" sound in the process.

You can just count, tell what you see in front of you, describing it. Anything! The main thing is to make all the letters sound clear. Narrow sounds are narrow, wide sounds are wide, "R", "L", every sound.

When you pull out the pencil, don't forget to make a "reset" - a movement with relaxed lips on a strong exhalation (something like a horse snorting).

And when you read the same text without a pencil in your mouth, you can see, hear and feel how easy it has become to articulate all the letters.

Such a simple exercise with a pencil, which will very quickly bring your articulating apparatus into tone.

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