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Are you a YouTube or Instagram blogger, podcaster, streamer, radio host, or do you want to become one?

Do you have an idea to share, but there's too much noise to get through?
Do you know your content is fantastic, but the pitch doesn't hook the listener? 
Are you tired of your voice letting you down? Does this sound familiar?

This course is designed just for you!
The power and potential of your voice are some of the most effective ways to make a genuine connection with your audience.
Use this set of special exercises to prepare your voice for being on-air. 

Forget about "formulas".  Let's get started!
A unique course for YouTube, Instagram or TikTok bloggers, podcasters, streamers, radio hosts, or those who want to become one. Read more...
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Training Program

Podcaster#01. Warming up

A vocal cord and resonator warm-up. Working on your vocal range.

Podcaster#02. Depth

This exercise will open your larynx and lower your voice.

Podcaster #03. Volume

Achieve a low, voluminous and strong voice by relaxing the tension of the jaw and larynx.

Podcaster #04. Volume

The careful stretching of your jaw improves articulation and makes your voice sound broader.

Podcaster #05. Mask resonator

This exercise will make your voice noticeably more energetic and resonant before recording.

Podcaster #06. Chest Voice

This exercise will activate your chest voice. You will sound more focused and competent.

Podcaster #07. Loudness

Your voice will become tighter and stronger without straining your cords

Podcaster #08. Articulation

A great warm-up for the lips and facial muscles. Your speech will become clear and understandable.

Podcaster #09. Health

This exercise quickly brings your voice back to normal if you're tired, have a cold, or if you just woke up and need to sound crisp and clear.

Podcaster warm-up

A superb set for warming up before going on air. Your voice will be happy!

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