Special Challenge: Singers Basic

Special Challenge: Singers Basic

To all singers! This basic challenge was designed to help you keep your vocals healthy and prepare you for more advanced singing techniques.

The SINGERS BASIC challenge is a vocal warm-up routine designed to help singers prepare for singing and improve their technique. This challenge consists of six exercises that focus on different aspects of singing, including throat muscle stretching, diaphragm support, jaw relaxation, sound openness, vocal cord care, and head-voice activation.

The first exercise, "throat stretching," is designed to stretch and warm up the throat muscles before singing. This exercise can help improve the depth and volume of the voice and train the "yawn position," which helps sing genres such as opera, jazz, folklore, mixed pop, hip hop, and rap.

The second exercise, "singing on the support basic," focuses on activating the diaphragm and improving support while singing. This exercise involves pushing out the "F" sound with power and using expression to focus on the diaphragm and support.

The third exercise, "sound opener," is a "jaw opener" designed to open up the sound and improve vocal technique. This exercise involves massaging the muscles under the cheekbones and keeping the jaw relaxed and open.

The fourth exercise, "lips and cords awakener," gently awakens the lips and vocal cords and smooths out the singing breath. This exercise involves singing various vowel sounds with stable and smooth sound and expressive lip vibrations.

The fifth exercise, "head voice awakener," activates the head resonators and improves the head voice. This exercise involves singing the "M" sound with the head voice and tapping on the resonator zones on the face.

The final exercise, "vocal cords booster," is a vocal cords "SPA" that refreshes the voice and warms up the vocal cords before singing. This exercise involves retaining a yawning motion and pronouncing the "M" sound through the nose while exhaling.

Overall, the SINGERS BASIC challenge is a comprehensive vocal warm-up routine that can help singers improve their technique and prepare for singing.
If you're a singer, this challenge is for you! 

The Singer Basic challenge is about singing your heart out and having fun. There are no rules or limits, so feel free to let loose and enjoy yourself. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we hope you'll participate in this unique challenge and share your vocal talents with the world.
Challenge for singers to keep their vocals in great shape and prepare for singing.  Read more...
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Watch & Repeat
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Home Training
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Challenge Days Challenge Days

Day  1. Throat stretching

Day 1. Throat stretching

This practice stretches your throat muscles before singing.

Day  2. Singing on the Support Basic

Day 2. Singing on the Support Basic

Support Activation

Day  3. Sound Opener

Day 3. Sound Opener

"Jaw opener" to open up the sound.

Day  4. Lips and Cords Awakener

Day 4. Lips and Cords Awakener

Gently awaken the lips and vocal cords and smooth out the singing breath.

Day 5. Head Voice Awakener

Day 5. Head Voice Awakener

Activation of head resonators

Day  6. Vocal Cords Booster

Day 6. Vocal Cords Booster

Vocal cords SPA, express warm-up for singers, refreshes the voice.

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