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The course will teach you how to control your voice in any situation, using all of its capabilities.

This course is an uncompromising option to improve your voice when you're short on time.

Develop your voice to have power, to have control over your life, and to feel better about yourself. Have fun and feel confident connecting with people and discovering new perspectives.

Taking the course does not require you to change the way you live your life. All assignments can be easily added to any daily routine, whether you're a manager, an emergency physician, or a company executive.

All you have to do is watch and repeat. 
A beautiful and confident voice is a quick and effective tool for developing your career, business, and relationships. This course is a complete solution for developing your voice when you're short on time. Read more...
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Training Program

Day 01. Activation of the diaphragm

The diaphragm is the "button" in your voice that is responsible for proper breathing and volume.

Day 02. Breathing Practice

Practice proper breathing by working your diaphragm. Your voice will become louder, and the load on your vocal cords will decrease.

Day 03. Resonators

This exercise actively trains the diaphragm and engages the resonators of the head and chest.

Day 04. Relaxing the Larynx

This exercise adjusts your breathing properly and gets your larynx in the correct position. Your voice will become fuller and deeper.

Day 05. Relaxing the Larynx

This exercise will help achieve a relaxed larynx, a free and deep sound and the development of your chest voice.

Day 06. The Power of the Voice

This exercise trains proper breathing for speech, and makes the voice brighter and more resonant.

Day 07. Vocal Cord Massage

This practice quickly tones your voice and relieves tension in your vocal cords.

Day 08. Combo

This practice improves control over your breathing. Your voice will become noticeably freer, stronger and brighter.

Day 09. Breathing and Voice Power

This exercise trains proper breathing and calms the nerves.

Day 10. Jaw and Larynx

This exercise works directly with jaw tension and gets the larynx into the right position.

Day 11. Hide the yawn

Practice relaxing your throat. Your voice will become freer, deeper, and more voluminous.

Day 12. Articulation

This training session is excellent for improving articulation and exercising the muscles of the lips and tongue.

Day 13. Tongue Rotation

The most challenging exercise in the course. It develops articulation and the tongue, as well as revealing hidden clenching.

Day 14. Jaw Clenching

This exercise relaxes jaw tension, making the voice more voluminous and rounded.

Day 15. WOW

Great exercise for developing articulation and facial expressions.

Day 16. Combo

Articulation training and working with jaw tension

Day 17. Training the M Sound

This training session makes facial expressions more lively and agile and your speech clear and understandable, giving you a more serious and calm image.

Day 18. Libra

This exercise will help your voice sound crisp and clear. The goal is to learn how to direct sounds to your front teeth

Day 19. The Diaphragm

This practice will both remind you how to push the sound out correctly with your diaphragm, and help your body remember the mechanics of the movement as quickly as possible.

Day 20. Soon

We will use the word "soon" to work on the resonance of your voice. We will do the exercise in three sets.

Day 21. Vocal Range

This exercise evens out the vocal range and trains the resonance and depth of the voice.

Day 22. The diaphragm and muscle constriction

A comprehensive training session on working with the diaphragm and eliminating laryngeal and lip tension.

Day 23. Pencil exercises

This is the last practice session, with which we will consolidate our success and work on articulation.

Day 24. Combo

Reinforce what you've learned. One minute for each day of the week.

Day 25. Volume

A training session for using breath support while your larynx is relaxed. This will increase the volume, power, resonance and depth of your voice.

Day 26. Resonators

The training session involves the resonators of the chest and head, making your voice become thicker, deeper, juicier, and more resonant.

Day 27. Articulation

Intensive articulation training with an emphasis on the tongue. Your speech and voice will become clearer and clearer, so it will become easy to understand what you're saying.

Day 28. Deep Voice

This exercise makes your voice solid, low and juicy. It adjusts articulation, making your voice more intelligible and pleasant to listen to.

Day 29. Morning set

This exercise helps the voice awaken without injury. Your voice will sound clean, clear, fresh and collected.

Day 30. The Diaphragm

This is a training session which is exclusively for the diaphragm area. The muscle learns the correct movement path during speech and quickly adjusts your breathing.

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